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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Black River, Arizona

Black River

The Black River is located in the Apache National Forest. It is 114 miles long. Most of the Black River acts as a boundary between the White Mountain Apache Indian Reservation and San Carlos Indian Reservation. 

New England Wildlife

Postmarked Maine

Beautiful collage of animals found in New England. Bull Moose, Bald Eagle, Fox, Black Bear, Deer and Common Loon.

Our first homemade postcard. I really love the vibrant colors of the card and the cat.

Texas Armadillo

One of the Armadillo's oddities is that all the young in each litter are of the same sex.  The scientific name of the nine banded armadillo is Dasypus novemcinctus.  Dasypus is from the Greek word for rabbit, novem is from the Latin word for nine and cinctus is from the Latin word for band.  Adult armadillos weigh about 12 pounds.  Armadillos are able to swim.  Armadillos are good jumpers and can jump about 3 feet straight up in the air.

Lincoln Park Zoo

Postmarked from Grand Rapids, Michigan

The Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago is one of the oldest zoos in the nation. The zoo was founded in 1868, when the Lincoln Park Commissioners were given a gift of a pair of swans by Central Park's Board of Commissioners in New York City. 

Animas Forks, Colorado

Animas Forks, Colorado

Animas Forks is a ghost town in San Juan County, Colorado. The town's first cabin was built in 1873.  By 1876 it had become a bustling mining community. In it's heyday the town consisted of 30 log cabins, a hotel, general store, a saloon and a post office. The town was a ghost town by 1920.

Our First Postcard

Chicago Skyline
Beautiful photo of Lake Michigan and the Chicago Skyline.